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Helping Hand
Veterinary Behavior Counseling Services
Comprehensive Veterinary Behavior
Counseling Done Right In Your Home

Services and Consultation Fees
Home consultation…………………Dog: $310.00; Cat: $175.00 ($150 for each additional pet)
Average length of home consultation is 2-2.5 hours
1) Review of behavior history questionnaire (see Resources) and any pertinent lab work
2) Discussion of the behavior issue, including differential diagnosis and prognosis
3) Mutually agreed-upon treatment plan in writing including environmental management, behavior
   modification plan, recommended diagnostic testing (if needed)*, and recommended medication
   therapy and / or other behavioral products (if needed)*
* Provided by client's veterinarian
4) Summary to client's veterinarian
5) Three months email / phone follow-up

Follow up behavior-modification sessions are available and encouraged.

Follow up visit...................................$125 for up to 1 hour session (plus trip fee)
        1) Review of proper technique / timing
        2) Hands-on training
        3) Help with troubleshooting any obstacles that might arise

Trip fee........................$1 per mile round trip

If you have a behavior inquiry, please fill out the form below or email.  Due to a high inquiry rate, I am not doing phone intake calls.  Thank you for understanding.

I will send you the pertinent behavior history questionnaire or let you know which forms to download from  the Resources page.

Once I receive the completed forms (email preferred) I will review options with you up to and including scheduling a home visit.

Note: prices are subject to change without notice.  
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HomeDr. KohlerServices & ContactResourcesTestimonials

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